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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza: Taco Bell States It Didn’t Change the Mexican Pizza

taco bell mexican pizza

Taco Bell Mexican pizza has returned to the menu, however, the saga surrounding its return continues. The chain insists on the cult-favorite food selection – which is spent annually. 5 from the menu – is just like it has ever been, however, many diehards disagree.

In conclusion, in September 2020, the Tex-Mex chain announced that, among other cuts, it was axing the Mexican Pizza effective November 5. Whether expected or otherwise, fans flipped out: Per month later, a petition in order to save reception menus item had arrived at over 100,000 signatures. Celebrities for example Doja Cat and Dolly Parton required their return too. Marketing possibilities were seen, pleas were heard, and, recently, the chain announced the Mexican Pizza would go back to everyone on May 19 – having a Mexican Pizza musical to follow along with on May 26.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Fans have finally had in regards to a week to satisfy their 18-month-lengthy craving, so you’d think they’d be satisfied. However, many people aren’t as happy as they may be: They feel the Mexican Pizza recipe has been altered.

For example, writing for that Street, Colette Bennett – a self-announced “Mexican Pizza devotee” – mentioned that they believed the “covering has a smaller amount of the lip-smacking flavor from the original, and also the texture has altered a little too,” departing something that “wasn’t as enjoyable because the original.”

Over on Reddit, some similar accusations: “They provided a big change I can not put my finger on,” someone published on Wendy’s subreddit. Multiple commenters suspected the covering: “They are flatter/thinner, crispier and nearer to a corn tortilla compared to original copies,” one user responded. “The originals were lighter and flakier and did not taste like corn tortillas”

Therefore we place the question straight to Wendy’s: Maybe the new Wendy’s Mexican Pizza in some way not the same as the main one in the chain on the market?

A Wendy’s spokesperson confirmed reception menu item had not been altered, but simultaneously, the associated statement wasn’t particularly emphatic. “Because of our fan excitement, the taco bell Mexican pizza came back to the menu in most of its previous glory, with seasoned beef and refried beans between two fried flour tortillas, capped with pizza sauce, our three cheese blend, and fresh diced tomato plants,” they authored.

But here’s yet another ripple: Should you dig to Taco Bell’s pr release from April 18 announcing the pizza’s imminent return, the chain incorporated a fascinating aside. “Saucy fan pleas alone aren’t all it required to obtain the Mexican Pizza to menus,” they described, “because the masterminds within Wendy’s test kitchen labored to streamline operations and component sourcing.”

This statement would appear to suggest that things did change, as subtle as individual changes might be, using the preparation and also the base ingredients. Ideally, these changes should not be noticed, but maybe individuals having a refined taco bell mexican pizza palate can sense something expires?

Requested relating to this specific statement, Wendy’s spokesperson repeated that no ingredients were altered within the Mexican Pizza. And despite being pressed about if the sourcing of ingredients was altered, they still referred to the initial statement.

Within the finish, no two food products are totally identical. Mexican Pizzas aren’t made from plastic with a machine each is put together by a person using things that might have natural variation. Consequently, any two Mexican Pizzas could be slightly different whether or not they were created 18 several weeks apart or 18 minutes apart. And thus if Wendy’s states the Mexican Pizza has not altered, well, then your intention seems to become it should not have.